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What's new on URLR? - November 2022

A new article to review the changes made to URLR since our last article in May 2022.

White labeling feature on folders

We have added an option to set the image of your choice on a folder. For now, it is displayed on the page of a password protected link. This way, your users will feel confident with your logo for example. Even more so if you use a custom domain!

White label feature on folders

Adding labels

In order to allow you to better distinguish your links when you have a lot of them, we added the possibility to give them a label.

We have also added a search field and sorting options. Try for example to search for a link by its label!

Navigation between links

CSV export

More data for CSV export

We have added new columns in the CSV export of links such as the creation date or the link label.

Mass export of QR codes

It is now possible to export all the QR codes of the links of a folder in a zip file. This will save you a lot of time.

CSV Export

CSV import with parameters

All our Enterprise subscribers can take advantage of our CSV import feature to reduce links in bulk. Until now, you could only enter the link to be reduced. Since recently, it is also possible to enter the parameters to be applied to the reduced links (password, custom code, expiration date, …). Documentation on this subject is in preparation.

Short branded domain generator

Shortening your links with a custom domain has many benefits. However, it is not always easy to find which domain to reserve for this purpose. That’s why we have created a short domain generator to use with URLR.

Generate my own short domain

Generate short brand domains

More location statistics

You can now find the region and city of your visitors in your statistics.

Affiliate program

We have launched our affiliate program. Recommend URLR and earn money for it.

  • 10% lifetime commission on our subscriptions.
  • 10% discount for the customers you refer.

Recommend URLR

Feedback platform

Most of the developments in URLR are based on our customers’ ideas. That’s why we have set up a space where you can share your ideas and vote for the features you find the most relevant. This will allow us to better prioritize these future evolutions.

Browse evolution requests

Performance work and bug fixes

We have focused a lot of efforts on improving our infrastructure and our code to keep up with the increase in load in terms of link reductions and redirections. We also took the opportunity to fix some bugs to make your experience more pleasant.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or questions:

See you in the next article!

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